Factory Lines

from Live at the New South Showcase by Joe Cat



How many hours do we have in a week,
just to make sure that my kids will eat
Had a new beginning bout a dozen times
Always working on the factory lines

Minimum wage or less you see
Is what I bring to my family
We have nothin', but we have it all
Cause I work the line on the factory floor

No gold watch , no ticket hoe
just a message on my telephone
Dont bother common back they say,
Factory's gone overseas away

Now Ill probably die in pain
Health care costs to much these days
Dont matter that Im red, white, and blue
USMC and some other tattoos

Bell rings and I walk the line,
makin' that stuff till closing time
I gave up on getting ahead,
the government won't care when were dead.


from Live at the New South Showcase, released January 2, 2019


all rights reserved



Joe Cat Athens, Georgia

Joe Cat is an Americana Singer/Songwriter living in Athens Georgia. His Americana style gained many of it’s roots from that sound. Joe Cat is a veteran troubadour, traveling the country and playing his music for everyone.
Prior to a life as a musician Joe Cat worked as a factory worker, a U.S. Marine, and many other low wage, blue collar jobs. His sound is Americana.
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